About Us

Dr. Bharat Bhasker

Patron, Centre for Digital Economy

Dr. Sumeet Gupta

Head, Centre for Digital Economy

Digitization is a global trend

There has been a steep rise in share of Digital companies over the last decade or so. While there was one digital company in Top 10 most valued companies in the world in Jan 2007, the number went up to 5 out of 10 in Jan 2017 (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft). Digital economy requires a frame of mind and business approach that is different from traditional mindset.

Center for Digital Economy (CDE) at IIM Raipur focuses on understanding how people and businesses will react and transform in this era of digital transformation. At present CDE focuses on the following specific themes of digital economy:

Electronic Commerce
Analytics for Digital Economy
Electronic Governance
Technology Adoption
Online Security & Privacy
Digitization Strategy
Emerging Technologies

The center undertakes research and provides consultancy and training in the thematic areas. Faculty members associated with the center have published significantly in peer reviewed international academic journals of high impact and are making their mark as global thought leaders. Besides academic research, faculty members associated with the center also work on corporate sponsored projects related to digital transformation.

For knowledge exchange, the center hosts an international conference every year where leading academicians and industry leaders come together to share insights on latest developments in the area.

Center also aims at starting certification programs to cater to industry demand for preparing students with digital mindset to join their work-force.

We invite corporate partners, prospective students and researchers interested in the field to leverage and contribute to the development of CDE.