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Library acts as the main learning resource centre of the institute. It has been providing up to date and nascent information resources and services both in hard and soft forms to the academic and administrative communities since 2010. It has thus become an indispensable learning resource centre for students, researchers and faculty members of the institute. The library has built a robust collection of books, subscription to print journals, magazines, newspapers, and many other resources like student's project reports, CDs/DVDs etc. The Library offers its users the convenient access to the best of Business ...

Faculty & Research

Title: Why Viewers Contribute in Live Feed broadcast: A Study on Factors Affecting the Intention to Participate Author: Ting Zhu, Lu Yaobin, Sumeet Gupta

Title: Sustainability practices in perishable product supply chain Author: Namrata Sharma, PRS Sarma, Mohit Goswami

Title: A Enterprise Risk Oriented Framework for Design Concept Selection Using Bayesian Theory Author: Mohit Goswami, PRS Sarma

Title: An Effective Back Propagation Neural Network Architecture For The Development Of An Efficient Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection System Author: Sen, N., Sen, R., Chattopadhyay, M.

Title: Towards Reliable Clustering of English Text Documents using Correlation Coefficient Author: Bhaumik H., Chakraborty B., Chattopadhyay M.

Title: An Efficient Approach to Develop an Intrusion Detection System Based on Multi-Layer Backpropagation Neural Network Algorithm Author: Sen R., Chattopadhyay M., Sen, N.

Title: Clustering behaviour of mutual fund investors in India-a deep insight Author: Chattopadhyay M.

Title: Delving the Interrelationship of Factors Affecting Product Development in Indian Consumer Durable Industry: A Multivariate Data Analytics Approach Author: Ghosh, I., Paul, P. K., Chattopadhyay, M. & Dan, P. K.

Title: Efficient Predictive Modelling of Corporate Bankruptcy in India Author: Chattopadhyay M., Mitra S.K.

Title: Factors Affecting the Adoption of Sales Force Automation by Field force in India Author: Sahay, Vinita; Chopra, Himanshu; Singh, Gurpreet; Batra, Aarti

Title: Trust Building in Supply Chain Partners Relationship – An Integrated Conceptual Model Author:

Title: Business School Students: Behaviour & Usage of Social Media Author: Sahay, Vinita and T. Sai Vijay

Title: Sage , benefits and barriers of human resource information systems in Universities Author: Bamel Nisha, Bamel Umesh Kumar, Thite Mohan, Sahay Vinita

Title: CSR in Indian Retail Industry Author: Vinita Sahay and Amit Mookherjee

Title: Analyzing the interrelationships between the enablers of Process Flexibility in Logistics Industry – An ISM Approach Author: Sarma , PRS. , and Pramod, V.

Title: Analyzing Select Dimensions of Effective Logistics Organisation - An ISM Approach”, Presented in XVI Annual International Conference of Society of Operations Management Author: Sarma , PRS. , and Kamal, K.

Title: Structural Flexibility in Supply Chains – A Fuzzy ISM & FMICMAC Approach Author: Sarma , PRS. , and Pramod, V.

Title: Structural Flexibility in Supply Chains – A Select Diagnosis Analysis Author: Sarma , PRS. , and Pramod, V.

Title: Knowledge hiding behaviour: Do big five personality affect? Author: Anand, P

Title: Top Management Teams and its impact on internationalization and firm’s performance: A relationship model Author: Anand, P

Title: Maintaining justice within organizations: A review and integration with employees’ exit, voice, loyalty and neglect behaviours Author: Anand, P

Title: Factors affecting workplace loneliness: A qualitative study. Author: Anand, P., & Mishra, S.

Title: Maintaining justice within organizations: A review, integration and extension. Author: Anand, P

Title: Workplace loneliness in the shadow of institutions. An exploratory study. Author: Anand, P., & Mishra, S.

Title: Minimizing the Experience of Workplace Loneliness: An Empirical investigation. Author: Anand, P & Mishra, S.

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