Hostel & Mess Committee


Hostel and Mess committee is responsible for the smooth functioning of the hostel and mess facilities at IIM Raipur under the supervision of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Act as a bridge between the administration, caterers, hostel authorities on one side and the students on the other
  • Facilitate the addressing of issues that the students have and communicate the same to the concerned authorities
  • Keeps a check on the daily issues regarding the hostel infrastructure, the housekeeping issues, etc.
  • Caters to the generic issues related to campus.

FLAVA : Conducted a food relay race which witnessed maximum participation of all the activities and events held so far

“We believe in the spirit of camaraderie to add an enriching chapter to the book of IIM Raipur and make it convenient for the students to have a gratified stay.”


Executive Members

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