IT Committee

We extend our heartiest compliments to you all for getting into this institute and welcome you to the IIM Raipur family. We wish you all the very best, and we promise that this place will bring to you the memories you would like to cherish rest of your life. 

IT Committee is the backbone of the system at IIM Raipur which helps everyone to stay connected with everyone else at the Institute and makes sure no one loses the ‘connect’ with friends & family. Even your connection to the outside world through online forum is important, and ITComm makes sure the link is uninterrupted. 

We assure you that there will be quality learning and you will have 24X7 access to world class educational resources. IT Committee would help you maximize your learnings by providing a platform wherein you can explore, discuss, share your experiences with your peers, seniors, mentors and faculties. 

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Let us get together and be equipped to grace the future with open hearts at IIM Raipur to share an enriching experience. 

“This is a time for new beginnings. Don’t let anything hold you back. Trust your instincts better than ever. Go with the flow. Have faith and trust the forces that drive you. New opportunities will present themselves. Don’t listen to those voices that habitually hold you back. The unknown place may be a little scary, but be assured that there will be plenty of exciting challenges. Unfold and lead yourself to another ‘You’. Take your time to explore your way. Follow your heart and go for it.”


Executive Members

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