Global Summit on Management Cases

Call for Case

Case Submission Guidelines

Submitted cases should be original in areas of Business and Management, written in English and easy to comprehend.
Cases can be based on primary research in the form of interviews, real business problems and situations. Secondary research bases cases with proper references throughout the document can also be accepted. Primary research cases should be submitted along with a No Objection Certificate from the company profiled.
Submitted cases should accompany with a detailed teaching note
The case and teaching note should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc / docx) in a single attachment. All documents must be submitted online through GSMC’s paper submission site (CMT). The cases must be formatted as per the guidelines. (Click here for a Sample Case Pack), (Documents Pack).
Summit related correspondence must be addressed to the summit secretariat through email (
Cases should be written in the past tense as the incidents have already happened. Industry notes and teaching notes may be written either in the present tense or in past tense, as deemed appropriate.
Use Times New Roman 11 font size with single spacing for body text of the case and teaching note.
Case and teaching note should not use terms that are denigrating to ethnic or other groups or that may be interpreted as such.

Guidelines For Case Study And Teaching Note:

All submissions should follow the submission guidelines. Nonconforming submissions will be returned without review.

Your case should include the following:

First page should include the Case Title, Author Details with contact numbers and email id.
Second page must have Executive Summary/Case Abstract within 300 words.
The Maximum length of the full case can be 25 pages. This limit includes the abstract, body of the text, notes and exhibits. The case should include the following headings:
Case Abstract-Including Case Objective; Functional areas where the case is used and Keywords (2-12 words)
Case Introduction-Brief History, Main Issues
Main Body-Past and current business performance, conflicts, decision alternatives etc.
All box items (which include Exhibits, Annexures, Box, Table, Graph, Figure, Image, Map, etc.) should be termed as ‘Exhibit’ and should be included within the text of the case study
Each Exhibit should have the source mentioned clearly and if the author has compiled say from the Annual Reports of different companies then the source can be mentioned as ‘Compiled by the author/s’
References to be cited as footnotes with the text, in the same format as provided in the sample case study. While giving footnotes stick to the following:
Only additional/suggested readings to be given at the end of the case study
The Teaching Note should include the following:
Length of the teaching note should be 5-10 pages (maximum)
Case synopsis
Pedagogical objectives (Not more than 03)
Assignment questions
Analysis (suggested/possible answers to assignment questions)      
Analysis (suggested/possible answers to assignment questions)
Bibliography/suggested readings
Teaching note Exhibits (e.g., financial analysis, summary of theory application)
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