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Area of Research

Multi-Choice Programming, Multi-choice Transportation and Assignment Problems, Time-Cost Trade-Off, Multi-Criteria Decision Making

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Journal Publications

>> Sonia Singh and Shalabh Singh (2018). Sonia Singh and Shalabh Singh (2018). Bi-Criteria Transportation Problem with Multiple Parameters. Annals of Operations Research, 269 (1-2), 667 - 692

>> Shalabh Singh and Sonia (2017). Multi-choice goal programming approach to bi-criteria transportation problem. IIT Bombay PhD Consortium, Mumbai, India

>> Shalabh Singh and Sonia . Multi-choice programming: an overview of theories and applications. Optimization, 66 (10), 1713 - 1738

Conference Papers

>> Shalabh Singh and Sonia (2016). Transportation problem with multi-choice parameters. International conference on Recent Advances in Optimization Theory and Applications (RAOTA), New Delhi, India

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