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01 Feb 2023 |
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Ph.D. in Management (Practice Track)

Program Objective

Beginning with the academic year 2023-2024, the Indian Institute of Management Raipur (IIM Raipur) will offer a Ph.D. in Management (Practice Track). It is a unique doctoral program in management specifically designed for working professionals with more than ten years of work experience. The Programme is intended to allow individuals having managerial/ entrepreneurial/ professional experience with an intelligent thirst to move to academic careers at a certain point in their life. By providing scholarly inputs to those with domain knowledge of their discipline, the program offers prospects of a full-time/part-time career within academia or in research positions outside the academic world.

Program Structure

Areas of specialization

The Ph.D. in Management (Practice Track) at IIM Raipur will be offered through the following Areas of Specialization:

Program Duration

The scholar is expected to complete the program in four years. Under exceptional circumstances, an extension may be granted to the scholar. In any case, the entire program should finish within seven years. If a scholar fails to complete the requisite academic works for Ph.D. in Management (Practice Track) Programme within this specified period, then s/he has to withdraw from the program. The scholar’s registration will be terminated on the completion of seven years.


Ph.D. in Management (Practice Track) at IIM Raipur has two phases: coursework and thesis research. The first year divided into Terms 1, 2, and 3, covers the mandatory coursework. The participant begins her/his work toward thesis research in the second year after qualifying for the Comprehensive Qualifying Examination.


(A) Course Work


ICorporate Finance1
Marketing Management1
OB & HR1
Information system1
Strategic Management1
Operation Management1
IIPhilosophy of Research and Quantitative (Positivistic) Research Methodology1
Basic Econometrics0.5
Qualitative research0.5
Statistical data analysis1
Academic writing and comprehension1
IIIArea level Compulsory Course1
Area level or Sectoral level elective I1
Area level or Sectoral level elective II1
Cross Area level Course1

(A) Course Work

(B)Comprehensive Examination

On completion of the first-year coursework the scholar takes the written comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination at the end of the 1st year tests whether the scholar has obtained a satisfactory level of knowledge in his/her field of specialization and whether s/he has satisfactorily integrated the various courses taken by him/her in the area. While the course work formally gets over with completing the Comprehensive examination, scholars are encouraged to continue taking advanced courses of interest even further into their research work. If a candidate is declared passed, s/he goes to the next stage, or else his/her registration is canceled from the program.

Second, Third, and Fourth Year

Visits to the Campus

The scholar must make regular visits beginning in their Second, Third and Fourth years and continuing through the submission of their thesis draft. A minimum of four days of campus visit is required in every quarter. However, the scholar/TAC can change the required quarterly visits to a single half yearly visit.