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01 Feb 2023 |
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Academic Committee

The Academic Committee serves as an integral part of the PGP, working hand in hand with the PGP administration to ensure the proper maintenance of academic rigor. It is responsible for encouraging an intellectually stimulating environment by supporting the PGP office in the smooth functioning of classes, examinations, and other activities like setting up the curriculum, planning academic calendar, training, and preparedness of the batch for GDs and Interviews. Apart from the keen focus on academic success, the committee is also responsible to ensure the personal development of students and maintaining student satisfaction. Given below are events and activities the committee takes up throughout the year to stick to its motives and objectives.

Events and Activities

Elective Courses Selection
The committee ensures the smooth selection of electives in the second year by assisting the PGP Chairman, Area Chairs, and faculty members across all domains in designing and communication of electives. The Committee is also instrumental in assuring that the industry-relevant courses become a vital part of the curriculum to enhance students’ learning experiences with the changing trends. It also plays an important role in guiding the students at various stages of the selection process.
Lean Six Sigma Workshop
This is a four-day certification workshop facilitated by the committee in coordination with name brands like KPMG and Henry Harvin wherein students learn the concepts and application of “Lean Six Sigma” post which they undertake the certification examination. In the year 2019-20, more than 100 students were certified as ‘Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professionals after successfully clearing the examination.
Batch Preparedness Session
This is one of the major activities of the committee that is usually conducted in the months of August and September spanning up to six weeks. In these sessions, several rounds of group discussions, mock interviews, and domain-specific sessions are scheduled and conducted in coordination with the faculty, alumni & other committees. This is done to ensure the preparedness of the students for the upcoming placement season.
Orientation Programme & Convocation
The Orientation Programme and the Convocation is taken by the committee every year hand in hand with the PGP Office. The Convocation program is a one-day event & the Orientation Program is a two-day event to welcome the fresh batch and is lined with interactions, speeches by the heads of the institute, guest speakers, case reading sessions, and even a cultural program. The Committee plays a role in the scheduling and organization of these events to ensure that they run smoothly.
Teachers’ Day Celebration
Teachers’ Day Celebration is an event that is organized by the Academic Committee in association with various clubs and committees in order to celebrate and show gratitude to our esteemed faculty who work tirelessly round the clock to impart their infallible wisdom.

Executive Members


Divyam Aggarwal


Boricha Ravi


Tara Sharma


Aavany V Babu


Deveshi Sharma


Nicole Jemimah Hardy


Paridhi Khandelwal


Saranya Biswas


Srishti Kashyap


Trisha H Parekh