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01 Feb 2023 |
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Consulting Club Events

Events conducted by Consulting Club include


A monthly industry analysis competition where participants do a thorough research on a new industry every month, gather industry specific insights and conduct analysis. The top analysis gets featured on our social handles.

#TGCP : The Great Consulting Parody

Occurring twice in a fiscal year, this is rather a fun competition for students to engage in. Participants send in their memes and video spoofs based on consulting which get featured on the Consulere Instagram pages.


The executive team of Consulere creates a unique guesstimate every year and rolls it out nationwide for students to solve. The participants have to first clear h quiz that asses their consulting talents, awareness of consulting industry trends, and creative problem-solving abilities.

Ranneeti : The Strategy Simulation Competition

Students are put in a simulation where they use their knowledge of strategy to navigate through the situation and get the best outcome.

Paramarsh: Case Study Competition

Paramarsh is the flagship case study competition of Consulere which is usually conducted in two parts: first a quiz followed by a case study. The Consulting Club will partners with organisations to bring a real problem to the table for the participants to work on and test their knowledge.

Ace the Case

Ace the Case aims to spread the learnings of the Case competition winners of IIM Raipur. The executive members of the consulting club regularly interview the students who participate in case competitions regularly. The interview is done in an online meeting setting where other students can join in, watch the interview live and ask questions.

Weekly Guesstimates

Consulere floats simple guesstimate problems every week on the social media. This acts as a great learning opportunity for students who solve these guesstimates and share their solutions. The team posts the solution to the guesstimate next week before posting a new problem.