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01 Feb 2023 |
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Director's Message

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani -Director IIM Raipur

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani
Director of IIM Raipur

Indian Institute of Management Raipur is completing twelve years this year. Since its inception, it has made significant strides toward establishing itself as a world-class institution. We strive for excellence in whatever we do. We have always strived for equity, diversity, and inclusion. You will be happy to know that this year we have been ranked 14th in the National Institutional Ranking Framework of India. the technology enabled growth opportunities presented by the Indian economy to move into the league of Developed Nations. It is crucial for our economic growth and development to ensure that we make our future managers capable of (a) harnessing our limited resources in a more effective manner by imbibing innovativeness and entrepreneurial zeal in them, and (b) training them in efficient management of technology and trade. We believe a digitally savvy aspirational nation with strong leadership would be very well positioned for industry 4.0 and further. As a young IIM, we welcome this opportunity and feel confident that our youthful energy, our faith, and dedication towards this endeavour shall help the country in future.

We strive to develop deeper social and corporate connections. These are two main partners in our strive for excellence. While on the one hand, we are happy to serve the nation by doing our part for society, we also realize our responsibility towards the training and development of corporates. In this regard, we have taken significant steps to rise to our corporate partners’ expectations.

We have built a substantial size of faculty cohort from various disciplines required to not only meet our teaching and research needs but also to meet the varied requirements of training and development in corporations. Our faculty cohort has been trained in the country’s top institutions and carries rich and varied experience. All of them add to a strong research culture in the institute, which in turn adds to corporate training. We also have a world-class infrastructure comprising a two-star on-campus residential facility to cater to executive training requirements and dedicated corporate training classrooms. We are also equipped with a high-speed internet facility to cater to virtual training requirements.

And all the more, Raipur is centrally located and well-connected with direct flights from all metro cities in India. IIM Raipur is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I invite you to explore IIM Raipur and help us in our strive to build a great nation.