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01 Feb 2023 |
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Director's Message

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani -Director IIM Raipur

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani
Director of IIM Raipur

A positive learning ecosystem combined with great learning facility provided by an academic institution, can take the young and aspirational next generation to the right places in their career endeavours, including the corporate ladder. We, at IIM Raipur, aim to be one such institute. We hope to leverage the technology enabled growth opportunities presented by the Indian economy to move into the league of Developed Nations. It is crucial for our economic growth and development to ensure that we make our future managers capable of (a) harnessing our limited resources in a more effective manner by imbibing innovativeness and entrepreneurial zeal in them, and (b) training them in efficient management of technology and trade. We believe a digitally savvy aspirational nation with strong leadership would be very well positioned for industry 4.0 and further. As a young IIM, we welcome this opportunity and feel confident that our youthful energy, our faith, and dedication towards this endeavour shall help the country in future.

In other words, we have a simple mission to nurture excellence and promote leaders capable of managing resources in a globalized environment, with social responsibility. At IIM Raipur, we strive to enable the institute in a way that creates a vibrant academic culture and an eco-system for lifelong learning of students. This implies achieving academic excellence in every endeavour – creation of knowledge, imparting the knowledge, and augmenting the practice through consulting and executive education.

IIM Raipur’s strengths come from its unique values and agility, which are a result of its young roots and an inheritance of a rich local culture. The location of IIM Raipur also provides for a fantastic learning experience. The quaintness of the Chota Nagpur plateau region provides a great opportunity to reflect and introspect. The campus enables learning through not only group activities and peer learning but also through ‘chintan manan’ or learning through solitude.