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01 Feb 2023 |
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Executive Coaching and Advisory Services

Chairperson’s message

We all need a friend, a philosopher, and a guide who can help us grow and become a better human being. The success of great leaders is a result of coaching they received in their journey towards excellence.

We all experience some situations when we are in a dilemma to figure out what shall be done in that situation. This could be a decision to choose the best school, to choose the right job, or accept a new promotion opportunity that comes at the cost of family, or interpersonal issues with colleagues or the boss. This is the time when we look for some trusted help.

IIM Raipur has taken a unique initiative to provide coaching and advisory services to the people in need. The Centre for Executive Coaching and Advisory Services is a first of its kind initiative taken by any IIM so far. If you are facing any dilemma in your life, please reach out to us. We aim to connect people in genuinely meaningful ways and with deeper understanding to spark thoughts and ideas.
By offering specialized attention, support, and feedback, we help our clients take scary steps toward self-improvement.

Prof. Kamal K Jain