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01 Feb 2023 |
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EPGP-Program Structure

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ePGP-Program Structure

About the program

The Program offers a blend of various general management theories, soft skills and analytical methods with real world business scenario cases. It has 1065 hours of content delivery (including 945 hours of teaching) hours of teaching spread across six terms which includes online classroom sessions, campus modules, capstone project and mini dissertation. Total content hours of the program are 1065 hours.

Program structure

The Program will be of 35.5 credits spread across 6 terms, where 1 credit = 30 hours of classroom contact (equivalent). The whole course is designed to be completed in around 2 years.

This program will comprise of:

Program format

The first year will have an on-campus component of one week, followed by online classes. At the end of each term, there would be online exams. In the second year, there would also be a mandatory campus visit of one week.


Course TypeTerm Course Credits Duration (Tentative) 
Core courses


(5 credits)

Microeconomics for Managers1 
Marketing Management I1
Operations Management I1
Business statistics1
Spread-sheet modeling1


(5 credits)

Organizational Behavior1 
Financial Accounting1
Macroeconomics for Managers1
Business communication1
Operations Research1


(5.5 credits)

Financial Markets and Institutions1 
Strategic Management I1
Marketing Management II1
Management Information Systems1
Operations Management II1
Business Communication II0.5
Advanced core courses


(5 credits)

Human Resource Management1 
Legal Aspects of Business1
Strategic Management II1
Corporate Finance1
Organization Theory and Design0.5
Business Ethics &CSR0.5
Business Research Methods1


(5 credits)

Elective 11 
Elective 21
Elective 31
Elective 41
Elective 51


(5 credits)

Elective 11 
Elective 21
Elective 31
Elective 41
Elective 51
 Mini-termTotal Compulsory Audit Courses &
Mini Dissertation
Integrated Business Simulation2


Elective courses from all major functional areas are offered to meet specific career goals of the students.

# These offerings are an indicative list of offers made in past ePGP batches.

Marketing Management

▪ Marketing Metrics

▪ Retail Management

▪ Brand Management

▪Digital Marketing

▪ B2B Marketing

▪ Services Marketing

▪International Marketing

Finance & Accounting

▪ Financial Derivatives

▪ Investment Banking

▪ Portfolio Management in Practice

▪ Fixed Income Securities

▪ Financial Risk Management

▪ Tax Planning & GST

▪ Project Appraisal and Financing

▪ Bank Management and Financial Service

Operations & Quant. Methods

▪Supply Chain Management

▪ Quality & Inventory Management for Operational

▪ Digital Operations and Supply Chain Management

▪Business Decision Making under Multiple Criteria

▪Project Management


▪ Positive Psychology at Workplace

▪ Enhancing Employee Performance and Wellbeing through Leadership,

Justice, Support, and Spirituality

Economics & Public Policy

▪ Data Analysis for Business and Policy

▪ Innovation Management (IM)

▪ International Trade

▪ Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

Information Systems

▪ Data Visualization for Decision Making

▪ Managing Security and Privacy Risks in Business

▪ Digital Finance

▪ Artificial Intelligence in Business

▪ Generative AI

Humanities & Liberal Arts

▪ Bridging Humanities and Innovation Management

in Creative Entrepreneurial Leadership

▪ Digital Communication

▪ Business Sustainability and Climate Risk Management

Strategic Management

▪ International business

▪ RealWorld decision making

▪ Strategy and innovation

▪ Innovative Business Models and Strategy

▪ Digital Business Strategy

*Subject to change depending upon the overall preferences of the students and availability of Faculty.
Note: The courses mentioned above may be changed, modified, or deleted as per the suitability of the program. This is just an indicative list of the courses offered previously in ePGP batches.