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01 Feb 2023 |
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Executive Learning & Development (EL&D)

Executive Learning & Development Program of IIM Raipur aims to develop, broadening the horizon and strengthening the skills of the Managers and prepare them to face the challenges of the global business and formulate them for the changing heroes for changing domain. Participants also gain valuable understandings from broad interaction with their foils from other organizations on developments & management concepts, which helps them to apply its applicability in the new global context. IIM Raipur offers programs at the senior and middle management level participants with a broad range of subjects, The participants will be fitted out with the modern tools, techniques and skills across different streams of management such as General Management, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, Information Systems, Strategic Management and Industrial Relations, Humanities and Libral Arts etc.
The Executive Learning and Development Programmes of IIM Raipur comprise of: