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01 Feb 2023 |
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Multidimensional Typologies of Faulty Medical Device Events: Analysis, Risk Characterization, and Stakeholder Mapping
Faculty: Mohit Goswami
Author's: Mohit Goswami, Felix T. S., Chan, M. Ramkumar, Yash Daultani, Nripendra P. Rana.
Publication In: [International Journal of Production Research],
Dynamic Connectedness among BRICS and Major Countries Stock Markets
Author's: Panda Pradiptarathi, Vasudevan Shobana and Panda Babita.
Publication In: [Journal of Public Affairs (ABDC-B)],
Spillovers and financial integration in emerging markets Analysis of BRICS economies within a VAR‐BEKK framework.
Author's: Patra Saswat and Panda Pradiptarathi.
Publication In: [International Journal of Finance and Economics (ABDC-B)],
Regulatory Risk Containment Measures on Single Stock Derivatives: An Impact Assessment
Author's: Chari Latha, Panda Pradiptarathi, and Nair CKG..
Publication In: [Economic and Political Weekly (ABDC- B)],


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