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01 Feb 2023 |
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Finance Club Events


It is a floor trading event of Finatix. It give participants an opportunity to test their ability to interpret the real-world situations and how they impact their share prices. And above all it gives the participants an experience which was incredible. No events could be crazier than this, where students came together on the floor shouting and trading their shares.


The National level quiz competition, one of the core events of Finatix, which tests the financial knowledge of participants from the top B-Schools of India. In 2016, 545 teams of 1090 players participated in the competition.


This is a noble initiative of promoting financial inclusion in the villages of Raipur. It is aimed at generating awareness about various government schemes that empower people financially and help them improve their financial status.

Equinox Events

Finatix organized three events in Equinox 7.0, the annual cultural-business festival of IIM Raipur.

Finatix Magazine- Atharva

The prestigious annual finance magazine of IIM Raipur from FINATIX. This knowledge rich magazine is a must read for any finance enthusiast. The articles for the magazines are sourced through a national level article writing competition. Out of many articles of students from across the premier business schools of India, industry experts & academicians, the magazine is compiled and sent across to the relevant parties nationally.

Click here to read ATHARVA Magazine – https://www.slideshare.net/Finatix/atharva-2016

Finatix Newsletter – VRITTAM

Keeping up with the Finatix tradition of spreading and sharing knowledge, the newsletter is made possible by the combined efforts of Industry veterans, Faculty and students of IIM Raipur. Click here to read VRITTAM – The Budget Special 2017.

Click here to Varittam Newsletter – https://www.slideshare.net/Finatix/atharva-2016


The Foreign Investment Competition. This event tests your basic knowledge of finance and economy. This events provide students with great opportunity to practice decision-making skills in the field of Merger and Acquisitions and also tests your knack in investments.