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01 Feb 2023 |
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HRidhaan Club Events

HRidhaan Events

All Clued Up:

An event showcasing the creativity if the participants as they make a slide/poster/cartoon strip to explain the term which is the solution of a crossword


A pan India Quiz-cum-Case Study competition. Consisting of 2 rounds – the online quiz, and case study submission, both based around topics related to Human Resources Management

Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan:

A role-play negotiation event where two teams of 3 members each are given a scenario to negotiate and come to an agreement. Teams with the best agreement will win.


An organizational behaviour-based quiz event with questions comprising of organizational behaviour theories, HR industry & its personalities, etc.


A Simulation game to make sure we hire the best in the business. The aim is to prepare the appropriate plan for recruitment, selection and hiring process.

Grey Carnage:

The flagship event of Equinox 8.0, ‘Grey Carnage’ is a live case study event that tests the students in areas of idea generation, problem analysis, critical thinking and decision making that requires the participants to put all their learning’s in HR to practical use and bring out the manager within.

HR Updates


The club issued ‘HR BuZZ’ is a monthly newsletter. It comprises of recent HR related news, practices adopted by different companies, compensation, etc., to make the students aware of the current information on HR policy topics like health care, leave rules and other workplace issues.

HR Clavis:

Posts on social media handles describing the corporate HR word of the week which helps students gain knowledge about the varied terminologies used in the industry.

HR Insights:

Helps the students bridge the gap between industry and college through interviews of industry experts. This brings out the actual lived real life experience to the students and helps them refine their thinking processes, making it more application oriented.

The HR magazine of IIM Raipur, Consilium, indulges the needs of all HR professionals and enthusiasts to take the discipline farther through continuous and collaborative learning. It goes out to all the pioneers who have a dream in their eyes and encourage others to share it. It has received an overwhelming response from the industry and academia alike with articles from over 20 B-Schools in India..