Director's Message - EE&C


Welcome to the Executive Education and Consultancy at IIM Raipur!

IIM Raipur is on an unceasing path of growth and development. It is well known that it has already established itself as one of the top B-School in the country, but this is just a beginning compared to the huge initiatives and progress the institute is making.

The corporate and industrial practices are undergoing through an enthralling transformation in the fast-changing global environment. Strategies being used today may turn almost obsolete tomorrow. The continuing development, globalization of the economies; a shift of new products and services in industry and major advancements all over the world are evolving as key factors for the change in business environments of the industries. Change is the demand of the situation, hence there will always be a demand for the potential management professionals, one who adopt changes easily and delivers efficiently irrespective of the change.

At IIM Raipur, we are making a rigorous effort in infusing a high level of management competence in a dynamic environment. We endeavour to prepare the future managers capable of harnessing the maximum out of limited resources through innovative and creative zeal vide our executive programmes.


Prof. Bharat Bhasker

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