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Library acts as the main learning resource centre of the institute. It has been providing up to date and nascent information resources and services both in hard and soft forms to the academic and administrative communities since 2010. It has thus become an indispensable learning resource centre for students, researchers and faculty members of the institute. The library has built a robust collection of books, subscription to print journals, magazines, newspapers, and many other resources like student's project reports, CDs/DVDs etc. The Library offers its users the convenient access to the best of Business ...

Faculty & Research

Title: Role of Technology in Multi-Local Choice and Evolution of Creative Industries: An Exploratory Study Author: Dharmani, P., Das, S. & Prashar, S.

Title: Artificial Intelligence Adoption – Using Case Studies to Understand the Factors that Influence Adoption in Organizations Author: Radhakrishnan, J., & Gupta, S.

Title: An Investigation on Effects of Intangible Assets on Degree of Internationalization Author: Ray Chaudhuri, B., & Bhadra, S.

Title: Reputation and Organizational Performance: The Moderating Role of Intangible Assets Author: Ray Chaudhuri, B., & Bhadra, S.

Title: Does Family Involvement Matter for Internationalization of Firms? An Investigation of Indian EMNCs. Author: Mondal, A., Ramachandran, K., Chanda, S. S., & Bhadra, S.

Title: Overcoming Institutional and Managerial Constraints to the Adoption of Sustainable Practices in Organizations Author: Bhadra, S., Chakrabarti, A., & Ray, S.

Title: Ownership, Spatial Patterns and the Adoption of New Environment-Friendly Practices Author: Bhadra, S., Chakrabarti, A., & Ray, S.

Title: Localized Patterns in Renewable Energy Adoption: How Institutions Affect the Guiding Role of Concentrated Ownership Author: Bhadra, S., & Chakrabarti, A.

Title: Effects of Global Linkage on Firms’ Response to Climate Change in High-Growth Developing Economies Author: Bhadra, S.

Title: Global Linkage and Firms’ Response to Climate Change in Emerging Economies Author: Bhadra, S., & Ray, S.

Title: Firms’ Global Linkage and Their Responses to Climate Change in Emerging Economies: The Role of Business Groups Author: Bhadra, S., & Ray, S.

Title: Development through Newly Evolved Technology in Open and Distance Education Author: Chavda, M.

Title: The Impact of Advertisement on Rural Consumer: A Study Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Mother Tongue Teaching and Language Policy Author: Chavda, V., & Chavda, M.

Title: Interactive Media and ELT Practice at Sheetal Academy Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Tara Arts’ Samudramanthan in the Oceans of Multiculturalism Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Practicing Comparative Literature in British Asian Theatre and Contemporary Indian Theatre Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Performance Analysis of Where Did I Leave My Purdah Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Analysing performer’s micro gestures using the Natyashastra Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Performing Garba (the clapping dance): Some Reflections on recent adaptations Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Locating Intra / Inter / Cross cultural ‘Asian’ Performances in the UK Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Reconceptualizing witches as Hijras in Macbeth: Tara Arts’ Adaptation Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Gujarati in Cape Town: A Preliminary Socio-cultural and literary analysis Author: Chavda, M.

Title: South African Gujarati Literature: An Erasure of Literary Culture Author: Chavda, M.

Title: Gandhi’s writing Style Author: Chavda, M.

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