Kartavya Club


"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.

“Work for a Cause, not for Applause”

Kartavya is the CSR club of IIM Raipur. As a part of the club, students develop a sense of responsibility towards society. At the same time, it inculcates in them the spirit to work in teams and handle difficult situations with ease. Students, through the CSR activities, associate themselves with the society and the issues pertaining to it. As budding managers and emerging leaders from a prestigious business school, the students come up with optimal solutions to serve the society in a better way with constrained resources but imperturbable willpower. The club is a joint effort of the students to bring about a positive change in the society, be it for the conservation of environment or for community development and involvement.

What We Do?

Pratigya: Pratigya, the annual oath taking ceremony is conducted every year on August 15, to inculcate good work ethics in the budding managers of our country.

Blood Donation Camps: Kartavya in collaboration with Red Cross Society organizes Blood Donation camps in college and community to bring awareness on blood donation.

Shine: Kartavya in association with Rotary Club of Raipur Cosmo organizes ‘SHINE - Cosmo Youth Festival’, an inter-school competition for holistic development of children. Around 1500 students have participated.

Self-Defence: A training program is designed for Government school children to tackle any adversities faced in real life.

Secret Santa: Kartavya visits SOS villageto spend the day with the children, distributing gifts. Several events and competitions were also conducted throughout the day.

Old Age Home: Kartavya visits Old Age Home, and tried to be a part of the memories and stories of elders.

Swachhta Pakhwada: Cleanliness drive and ‘Clean India’ pledge were undertaken for the students, employees and staff.

Wall Painting: Walls were transformed from dirty to magnificent canvases to promote cleanliness.

Donate A Dabeli: Kartavya took an initiative to donate a dabeli to all the under privileged people in and around Raipur.

Cycle Rally: A cycle rally was organized to create awareness among general public regarding Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Career Counselling: Students of Classes VIII to XII were counselled regarding the various opportunities in career growth.

Rural Health Camp: Kartavya organizes free health camps in villages to provide basic healthcare services and to spread awareness about the importance of regular check-ups and proper hygiene amongst the rural community.

Daan Utsav: Kartavya organizes events like food donation, make a wish campaign for under-privileged children, cloth donation drives for the needy during Daan Utsav every year.

Pratibha: This event brings talented children from under-privileged section of society and aims at developing interest as well as awareness towards importance of education. This constitutes of competitions on a regional level and scholarships are given to the winners.

Equinox Events:

Nukkad Natak: Street plays were conducted to create awareness among public regarding the social issues.

Socialis Procurator: A case study competition addressing the social concerns was conducted for Equinox.

Abhiyaan: A short film making competition was organized fusing the creativity and responsibility.

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Executive Members

  • Akshay Wakchaure
  • Chelsea Sunil
  • Iris Pathori
  • Khemraj Singh Tolia
  • Ramanathan R


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