Vaibhav Lalwani

Asst. Professor

Vaibhav Lalwani

Asst. Professor
Fellow (IIM Lucknow), Master of Finance and Control (University of Delhi)
About Faculty

Vaibhav Lalwani is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the area of Finance and Accounts at the Indian Institute of Management Raipur. He in an FPM (Finance and Accounting) from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow.

Area of Research
Empirical asset pricing, Quality/value investing, Aggregate accounting
Fellow (IIM Lucknow), Master of Finance and Control (University of Delhi)
Probationary Officer, State Bank of India, 2013-2015   
Awards & Recognitions


Journal Publications

>> Lalwani, V., & Meshram, V. (2021). Predicting Intraday cryptocurrency returns–A Sparse Signals approach. The Journal of Prediction Markets, 15 (1), 3 - 9

>> Lalwani, V., & Meshram, V. (2021). The cross-section of Indian stock returns: evidence using machine learning. Applied Economics (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/00036846.2021.1982132),

>> Lalwani, V., & Chakraborty, M. (2019). Aggregate earnings and gross domestic product:International Evidence. Applied Economics, 52 (1), 68 - 84

>> Lalwani, V., Sharma, U., & Chakraborty, M. (2019). Investor reaction to extreme price shocks in stock markets: A cross country examination. IIMB Management Review, 31 (3), 258 - 267

>> Lalwani, V., & Chakraborty, M. (2018). Asset pricing factors and future economic growth. Economics Letters, 168, 151 - 154

>> Lalwani, V., & Chakraborty M. (2018). Quality investing in the Indian stock market. Managerial Finance, 44 (2), 127 - 141

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