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01 Feb 2023 |
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Kartavya Club Events

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Kartavya Club Events

Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept where companies and management institutions incorporate the culture of social and environmental concerns in their business operations. It is considered as the way through which a company achieves a balance between its stakeholders’ expectations and economic, environmental and social objectives. Kartavya, The CSR Club of IIM Raipur, is a body of students who strive towards building a nation with corporate ethics. The club encourages and support the students in their initiatives towards the the protection of the environment and betterment of the society.

CSR as a strategic practice is the key to organizational success, because it inculcates corporate ethics and environmental sustainability in the employees. CSR taps into the aspect of human nature that enjoys doing well for society. The human inclination toward doing good is demonstrated by the fact that most people want to work at a company “that is able to connect values and profits.” CSR provides a way for people to contribute to some sort of greater good, either internally or outside of the company. Strategically, this boosts workplace morale, since employees believe that their work doesn’t just help their company, it also leads to the betterment of society.

As a part of Kartavya, students develop a sense of responsibility towards society. At the same time, it inculcates in them the spirit to work in teams and handle difficult situations with ease. Students, through the CSR activities, associate themselves with the society and the issues pertaining to it. This in turn, motivates the future corporates to fight against the prevalent social challenges. This is a substantial value addition to the students, apart from the satisfaction gained by their meaningful societal contribution


PRATIGYA- The Oath Taking Ceremony

Pratigya-the annual oath taking ceremony is conducted every year on August 15, to inculcate good work ethics in the future managers of the country.


Kartavya in collaboration with Red Cross Society organized Blood Donation camps in Sejbahar village near IIM Raipur on 23rd August 2015 and in Magneto Mall on World Aids Day (1st December 2015) to spread awareness among the people of Raipur.


Kartavya and Rotary Club of Raipur Cosmopolitan associated to organize ‘SHINE 2015-Cosmo Youth Festival’, an interschool competition on 6th of September at Maharaja Agrasen International College, Raipur.


A three day self-defence training program was organised for young school girls of Mujhgan village from 7th to 9th December 2015. The students felt confident after the workshop and will definitely help girls in leading an independent and fearless life.

RAAHAT ON 12TH & 13TH DEC 2015

Kartavya organized a collection drive for Jammu and Kashmir flood victims in 2014 and also for the Chennai flood victims in 2015. The essentials were transported to the relief camps with the help of Rotary club of Raipur and Goonj, the national NGO.


Kartavya organized a visit to a local orphanage and spent the day with the children. Several events and competitions were also conducted throughout the day. Gifts were also distributed to all the children.


As a part of the ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’, a Swacchta event was organized in IIM Raipur campus involving members of ‘Kartavya’-the CSR club and the ECO Club. The event that took place on the 29th of January, is the beginning of a series of such events. The primary motive behind these initiatives is to spread awareness about how much necessary it is to keep our country clean.


Nukkad Natak:

Street show organized by Kartavya-CSR club of IIM Raipur as a part of IIM Raipur’s annual Business and Cultural Fest ‘Equinox 6.0’ will be held on 29th January 2016. The final phase of the event will be held in an open space near Raipur Railway station to attract a large number of spectators.

Socialis Procurator:

A case solving competition organized by Kartavya, is based on CSR activities of a company where each team will be allocated a case on which they have to make a presentation and present it in front of the judges.

Abhiyaan 1.0:
This event aims to bring out the best of the socialist in you. It was an online competition where participants had to think of a social campaign and run the campaign in their respective cities.