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01 Feb 2023 |
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Marketing Club

We, the Mantra Club, are a group of ardent “market” minds striving to put all the marketing theories into practice. We aim to offer students an all-round experience of marketing through industry interactions and on-campus activities. These activities aim to offer the budding marketeers of IIM Raipur with all-round development opportunity.
Among the numerous initiatives of Mantra are various case study competitions, guest interactions, quizzes and some fun events like treasure hunt. All of these events are carefully designed to ignite the brilliant mind of students and to offer them a visible platform where they can unleash their creativity and clever wits.
To keep the student community abreast with the latest happenings around the marketing world, we publish monthly newsletters and an annual marketing magazine, Impressions. We also keep the students proactively engaged with latest trends through various social media handles and interest groups.

Executive Members

Anushka Khera

Prerna Jadhav


Akshit Johri

Pallavi Tandon

Jyoti Yadav


Kunal Sehgal