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01 Feb 2023 |
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Operations and Supply Chain Club Events

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Operations and Supply Chain Club Events

OPS-COGITATE: Put your skills to the test in this national-level case study competition. Apply your knowledge of operations and supply chain management to real-world scenarios and impress industry veterans with your solutions.

OPS ODYSSEY: This multi-faceted event combines three exciting experiences –

QUIZOPS: Sharpen your knowledge base with this quiz covering the latest trends and concepts in operations management. Engage in healthy competition and stay ahead of the curve.

OPS-STRAT: Find the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical solutions in this case study competition. Collaborate with your team, analyze real-time scenarios, and present your strategic recommendations to industry experts.

CYCLOPS: Test your decision-making abilities in this two-round event. Navigate through online quizzes and immersive simulations, learning to apply theory to real-world challenges.

OPS-ESSENTIA: Similar to OPS-Strat and Cyclops, this competition demands a keen understanding of operations and the ability to translate it into effective solutions. Analyze case studies, collaborate with your team, and showcase your problem-solving skills.

LET’S TALK OPS: Engage in interactive sessions with industry experts as they share their knowledge, insights, and experiences on the latest trends in operations and supply chain management.

OPS BYTE: Stay informed with our weekly content series featuring short, visually engaging posts that clarify key operational concepts and connect them to real-world scenarios.

Deepen your understanding with OPULSE magazine: