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01 Feb 2023 |
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Pixel Club

Pixel, one of the younger clubs at IIM Raipur, have endeavoured ourselves in exploring, mastering and adapting to the new fields and changing trends in digital communications. True to the name, Pixel – The Digital Media Club, has been instrumental in increasing the visibility of our institute over the years. Team Pixel is a group of dedicated consultants providing digital and creative solutions.
We nurture the creative zeal by conducting various workshops and sessions to understand and interpret various creative communication techniques and tools used in the world of business. We Pixel – freeze , contort and reimagine memories. At IIM Raipur, we expertise in Graphic designing, Video deliverables, Ideating and merchandising. We have expanded Pixel’s reach by including Web designing under our armour. We collaborate in covering and creating various deliverables like promo videos and logo releases for events including Equinox , Marathon and TEDx.
We Pixel, The Digital Media Club of IIM Raipur, welcome PGP2017-19 to IIM Raipur Fraternity. Let’s together embark on a creative, mind-blowing and fun filled journey. Best wishes!!

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Executive Members

Abhinav Barua

Ayonavo Biswas

Deepanshi Singh

Mamta Meena

Neeraj C

Parth Bindal

Rishika Majumdar