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01 Feb 2023 |
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On 23rd August Pixel – IIM Raipur organised the first of its kind Photowalk in association with Amazon.in and Tamron on the occassion of World Photography Day which is celebrated across the world on 19th August every year. The theme of our photowalk was NATURE and what could be the better location than the Energy Park, VIP Road, lush greenry, different types of flowers, butterflies and birds. Our fellow walkers joined us from various parts of Raipur and around, clicked so many pictures together. The photo-walkers ranged from college going hobbyists to semi-pros to hardcore professionals. Another part of this event was the Online Photography Competition where only the pictures clicked during the walk can be entered and the judges for that were Sonu Arora and team and Rahul Singh Ji. Amazon.in and Tamron had put this photowalk event on their websites.

Mile Sur… The song of India

On this 69th Independence day, being Indians and students of a national institute, we wanted to represent as many cultures and regions of our country in one go. What could be better than portraying it along with the ‘song of India’! But just putting up the video of the song is so cliché! So, the team Pixel (Digital Media Club- IIM Raipur) portrayed our idea using the current thing in vogue- “DUBSMASHING”, for the SONG OF INDIA!
Click here to watch Mile Sur

TEDx 2015

The Promo video for TEDx 2015 was created by team Pixel which was used for the digital marketing of the event.
Click here to watch Promo Video for TEDx 2015

Equinox 6.0

The logo release and promo video of Equinox 6.0 was also created by team Pixel.
Click here to watch Equinox 6.0 Logo teaser
Click here to watch Promo Video for Equinox 6.0