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01 Feb 2023 |
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Provakta Club

PROvakta, the Public Speaking Club of IIM Raipur, provides a platform to the students of the institute to hone their public speaking skills with a pinch of fun and frolic. Regular sessions like extempore, debate, group discussions, just a minute and other activities ensure that the participants get a variety of scenarios to challenge themselves so that they are able to eradicate the fear of public speaking and face the audience in every possible situation. The club runs a video series named “Vistas” on its facebook page that provides helpful videos to learn from. PROvakta also gives students an opportunity to be a part of Toastmasters International with PROvakta Toastmasters. PROvakta believes that “if you can speak, you can influence; if you can influence, you can change lives.” The club can be reached at provakta[at]iimraipur[dot]ac[dot]in

Executive Members

Richa Tiwari

Vanika Keswani

Aditi Satpathi

Arohi Srivastava

Ishita Chaudhary

Mahiyashi Das