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01 Feb 2023 |
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Provakta Club Events


A National level speech emulation competition in which the participants were asked to emulate any speech of a great orator. The participants had to imagine themselves in the situation of the original orator and frame a speech of 5-8 minutes that they would have given in their own way. Then the speech had to be delivered and recorded. The recorded video was sent to us for selection of the winners. Judgment was based on speaking skills (both verbal and non-verbal), understanding of context, originality and impact it could have created.

Mic Drop

The event adjudicates speakers on their commentary skills. The commentary is done on a pre-recorded sports clip.

Real Politik

Real Politik, yet another exhilarating event, is a form of parliamentary debate. The competition makes your negotiation skills stronger by giving you a one-on-one opportunity to debate with your opponents.

Prime Time

The LIVE reporting competition, Prime Time tests the communication skills of individuals by taking them on an audacious ride to witnessing their innate talent of on-the-spot speaking.

MHRD Events (Hindi Pakhwada, Swachhta Pakhwada, Vigilance Week)


“Communication skills with your negotiating power”
A National level competition where teams of 2 members had to imagine themselves in a situation of negotiation with each other. The situations were provided by us and the teams had to make a 3 minute video for the same. The judgment of the winner teams was based on the speaking skills (both verbal and non-verbal), convincing skills, presence of mind and creativity of both the members.

Tarkash 4.0

Tarkash 2.0 was a flagship event organized by PROvakta- Public Speaking Club of IIM Raipur, as a part of Equinox 8.0 – The Annual Cultural Management Fest of IIM Raipur. It was a debate competition conducted in two phases. First Phase was online comprising 2 rounds: Elevator’s Pitch and Corporate Communication Manager and the Second phase was on-campus comprising: Block Attack* and Parliamentary Debate. Six best teams were selected and called to IIM Raipur for the final rounds.

*Block-attack Format – A team member from team 1 has to start speaking ‘for’ the topic and another team can ask any member from team 1 to speak ‘against’ the motion. Then again the team can be asked to change the stance at any point. Maximum 4 times blocking was allowed in the allotted 8 min.


It is a business talk session, where the students are called upon to speak about a book in 10 minutes. It involves bringing out the important aspects of a book in an interesting manner in front of an audience. Aimed at building the confidence of speaking in public and improving the speech structure, presentation, flow, interaction with audience, it involves 5 students from the PGP 2015-17 batch presenting about different books in 1 session every week. It also helps in getting to know about numerous books in a short span of time. The best speakers are recognized in every session and the names of winners are published on the official FB page of PROvakta.

Prepared Speeches

Volunteers from students were invited to deliver a speech on a topic prepared beforehand. The point was to make students learn how to develop the content, confidence, expressions, voice modulations and body language to put their thoughts across and create the impact on the audience.

Role Play

In this activity the participants were put in role to pitch to a team of Venture Capitalists for about 3-4 Minutes where they would try to convince them, by wielding the power of their communication. The volunteers for this activity were invited beforehand.

Speech Analysis

Here, we had a critical analysis of speeches of great leaders and public speakers like Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Steve Jobs and others. The motive was to learn critical as well as small aspects of their speeches that make them great public speakers and try to implement them in our speeches too.

Group Discussions

These regular sessions aimed to make students learn to add value in GDs and avoid GDs going out of control. Ranging from business cases to abstract topics, the participants had a wide variety of topics to analyze, discuss and find solutions to.


Multiple forms of debate were organized regularly including group debates, parliamentary debates, ‘block and attack’ debates to make students understand ways to put their arguments forward in the most effective possible manner.

Just A Minute

An extempore speech of 1 minute with the theme given through a picture, a phrase or audience challenge. It was a challenge for participants to face the audience and then receive the topic and speak impromptu.

Spin A Story

It consisted of the participants divided into 6 members in a group. Each member spoke one by one, but with a dual challenge of building one story as a group and relating to the different themes given to each member. Moreover it was all impromptu speaking, focused towards building creativity, presence of mind and communication.

Multi-activity session

It included multiple speaking exercises and challenges with a mix of fun and learning. The session included following activities: