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01 Feb 2023 |
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Short Term Projects

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Short Term Projects

At IIM Raipur we believe that learning should never stop. Our institution gives students the chance to take on additional responsibilities. We emphasize on short-term projects (STP) in addition to summer training projects and final placements to provide students a competitive edge over other business schools. These quick tasks have greatly aided students in getting valuable on-the-job experience. Last year more than 50% of the batch of students participated in the short- term projects. These projects involved offers from several companies like:

While working with these companies, the students gained valuable experience by applying their theoretical understanding to actual scenarios. Each of them has clearly benefited from the experience they’ve obtained in terms of improving their managerial abilities. We are looking forward to getting long-term projects that will help students to gain an understanding of the live industrial challenges to further hone their skills.