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01 Feb 2023 |
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Toastmasters International Club

Where Leaders Are Forged and Voices Resonate!
Welcome to the heart of public speaking and leadership excellence at IIM Raipur. Our Toastmasters International Club serves as a melting pot of talented individuals, each eager to unleash their potential and command the stage with confidence. Through carefully curated meetings, workshops, and inspirational speeches from eminent speakers & toastmasters all around the globe, we cultivate an environment that fosters growth, camaraderie, and personal development. As a tightly-knit community, we encourage our members to overcome their fears, embrace vulnerability, and master the art of effective communication.
Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery, where eloquence meets empowerment, and where leaders are forged with every word spoken. Together, we’ll create a legacy of impactful voices that resonate far beyond the confines of these walls

Objectives of the Club

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Executive Members

S N Sai Srikar 

Suparni Haldar

Sergal Sai Supriya

 Namrata Vijay Powar

Yashica Tabhane

Angela Malto

Parth Gupta